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Philadelphia Newborn Photography: Baby Jonah

Introducing to the world… Baby Jonah. The first ever in-studio newborn session. 11 days old and perfectly perfect.

If I could take pictures of newborns every day, I think I would.


Kelly - Oh my gosh, these are just too precious for words.March 19, 2013 – 4:07 PM

Becki - Agreed, Kelly. Oh. My. God. Perfection. Captured. I want to eat him! Or put him in my pocket! Or sit him on my desk to stare at all day! Incredible. Love.March 19, 2013 – 6:55 PM

Amarel - OMG! These are amazing pictures, such great close ups. Look at his tiny nails!! eee!!March 20, 2013 – 10:14 AM

Villanova Wedding: Kaitlin & Paul

I have had the pleasure of shooting at Villanova campus a handful of times over the last few years (it’s so pretty there!) and I think Kaitlin & Paul’s wedding day is one of the only days it wasn’t raining at some point during the shoot (one of many cases in point). After the ceremony, we wandered campus a little to grab some images reflecting the beauty of the area. And, after that, we headed on over to their reception at the Plymouth Country Club.

Kaitlin was perhaps one of the calmest, most collected brides I’ve ever worked with and I think it really shows in the images with how happy but peaceful she looks. But of course, don’t let that deceive you – their party still entertained quite the PACKED dance floor (and you know I love nothing more than a good party – makes my job so easy). Kaitlin and Paul, you were so easy to work with and it was such a pleasure capturing such a wonderful day for you two. To a lifetime of wedded bliss!

Enjoy the images! xo.


Wedding Coordinator: Ambiance Event Planning, Kelly Moore
Videographer: Tom Moore
Caterer: Plymouth Country Club
Florist: Kelly Moore
Hair & Make-up: Roseann’s Hair Studio
Cake: Bredenbeck’s Bakery
DJ: Richie Abrams – Cutting Edge Entertainment

Sean - GORGEOUS images! The lighting at the reception is amazing!March 25, 2013 – 3:59 AM


When Alyse first called me, I remember feeling like she sounded so happy that I could physically feel the overflowing joy in her voice. She is, in fact, the sister-in-law of the sister of the first wedding I shot in Philadelphia (Are you confused yet? She’s baby Lucas‘s aunt!). Take that to mean that Alyse & Justin are the third wedding I have shot in this amazing group of individuals and so when she contacted me about shooting hers I couldn’t have been more excited. And for good reason – Alyse & Justin got married on a perfect afternoon on a quiet beach of the Jersey shore. Afterwards, they had their reception – which was a party to top all parties – at Merri-Makers at the Water’s Edge. Truly, it’s hard to top a reception that goes from speeches so emotional even your vendors are tearing up to Adele sing-offs between the groomsmen. NO JOKE. Such a fun day!

Enjoy the images! xo.

As a sidenote, sadly, it is my understanding that this venue has since been destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. Can I just say how weird it is prepping a post about a place that doesn’t exist anymore? But, Merri-Makers as a whole runs several venues around the area and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Is this not the sweetest groom reaction ever (see bottom left)? It made EVERYONE get emotional.

Alyse & Justin are very close with their siblings, so they surprised them mid-reception with a SIBLING DANCE. And, I thought this was just the sweetest idea. And, as you can tell, their siblings loved it too. 😉

And then, at the end of the very last song, Justin ran up, grabbed Alyse, and spun her around up in the air. What a way to end a reception! Plus, how great is her reaction on the left (below) when he went to lift her. Cracks me up!

Wedding Coordinator: Christina Havens
Caterer/Venue: Merri-Makers
Florist: Something Nice Floral Designs
Hair/Makeup: Shear Innovations
Band/DJ: Elite DJ

Wedding Invitations - Absolutely loving this wedding. Was the first image their wedding invitation? Beautiful theme, the blue used is so striking and rich, and all the beach elements used with the wedding stationery is fabulous, especially the starfish place cards in a driftwood sandbox, how awesome is that?! Great pictures too, of course!July 1, 2013 – 1:45 AM


So, was last weekend the PERFECT first weekend of spring or what? On Friday, we had the most beautiful – dare I say magical – snowfall I’ve ever seen. The kind where the sun shines while the flakes fall, lighting them up almost like little stars dancing their way down. Then, on Saturday, the snow melted as the warm rays lit up the blue sky. With not a cloud in sight it was that amazing feeling of spring that every northerner knows so well…. the city bustles – everyone about with a little more pep in their step, the birds chirp, the first buds begin to emerge. It really is incredible.

Thus, I was pretty pumped that Brett & Liz had their maternity session scheduled for Sunday. And, Prophecy Park proved to be the perfect rustic backdrop for their images. Brett, Liz, and I wandered the area and I attempted to capture the overwhelming joy they have for their future child. And, as I drove home that evening, I thought yet again how I might just be the luckiest person in the world to get to capture these kind of incredible moments in people’s lives.

Enjoy the images! xo.

Robert Austin Fitch Photography - What a good looking couple and such a fantastic location! Beautiful photography! Cheers, RobJune 18, 2013 – 9:10 PM


It was probably one of the hottest weddings I can remember from recent years, easily clocking in at well over 100° during portrait time. And yet, you didn’t hear a single complaint from Katie or Justin (and might I add how incredible Katie looked despite the fact that it was a million degrees outside!). Seriously, people, I was melting onto the sidewalk and this girl still looked like she could walk the runway. But I digress.

Their gorgeous wedding had every little touch you can think of and was all tied together with one of my favorite color schemes – shades of pinks and black. The intense heat of the day broke mid-afternoon, however, and as I was shooting details outside before their ceremony (which was to be outside as well), I looked up to a massive, ominous cloud from out of no where just looming past the site. I ran in to tell the coordinator and we got the ceremony started immediately. And, how THANKFUL I am for that – literally 2 minutes after Katie & Justin walked back down the aisle after being wed, the sky opened up and it absolutely POURED. Now if that doesn’t say something about how LUCKY Katie & Justin are then I don’t know what does. And to them, I felt incredibly lucky to be their photographer and be able to capture such a gorgeous day and the love and marriage of two sweet, wonderful people.

Enjoy the images! xo.


One of the best “dances” into the reception I’ve ever seen. Loved how fun this was!

And loved seeing all the guests looking on from the balcony during their first dance…

Ashley - I’m in love with that first shot! What a gorgeous venue!March 12, 2013 – 2:59 PM

TGA - you’re on a blog roll!!!! GO AMANDA!!! I loved this wedding!! Great job!March 16, 2013 – 1:08 PM

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