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…and for Part II of Brittany + Ryan’s beautiful day. There were so many great moments in here that I am so thankful [and excited] to have captured. From the funny moments [like Brittany + Ryan fist-bumping] to the sweet and sentimental ones [see Brittany’s grandmother and grandfather dancing], the reception was anything but boring. It was one of those evenings so wonderful that the majority of guests remained even when the evening was ending. I love those receptions.

I love this shot [below] because I have absolutely no clue what this is a reaction to, but it is such a reaction! I’ve decided she must just be really excited about what she is about to eat. Mmmmmm cake!

The kids at this reception were seriously the cutest. They danced all night long.

This wedding was shot for the fabulous Pure: Photography by Lindsey Tropf (in Florida).


I teased you a little while ago with Brittany’s incredible [Craig’s List!] wedding dress, but really there was so much more to this wedding. Brittany + Ryan’s day was perfect. Not only did they see each other before the ceremony, but he was in the room for part of the time as she got ready [without seeing her dress, of course]. Their playfulness with one another was so sweet. And the way he looked at her was unmatchable. As if all that wasn’t enough, the St. Augustine weather was perfection. A huge congratulations to Brittany + Ryan. May they live the rest of their lives as happily and laid back as their wedding day was! Here is Part I – the preparations and the ceremony.

I loved how bright and sunny the salon was. So cheery!

Check out those shoes. Nothing like green shoes…. mmmmmm.

…and a few on our way over to the reception.

Love that bouquet! Aren’t they gorgeous!?

The boys as they wait…and wait…for the ceremony to begin.

Come back tomorrow for Part II – the details and the reception – of Brittany + Ryan’s beautiful day!

This wedding was shot for the fabulous Pure: Photography by Lindsey Tropf (in Florida).


It was another chilly December day in Florida (don’t judge us – it gets cold here – I promise!), but Meghan and Ben roughed it for the sake of the photos. And, they did it with smiles on their faces and love in their eyes. This engagement was shot for the fabulous Pure: Photography by Lindsey Tropf (in Florida).

Downtown and Hippodrome | Gainesville, Florida
University of Florida Campus | Gainesville, Florida

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…and last but most certainly not least, you know how I do love my mustaches…


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