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Philadelphia Newborn Photography: Baby Aaric’s Lifestyle Session

It was your typical first-baby-is-epically-late delivery story. Poor Andrea was due a bit before I left for Thailand, but sweet little Aaric decided to hang in there until the very last second… finally emerging just before I left. OF COURSE. Fortunately for me, Andrea & Scott decided to wait until I got back to do his newborn portraits — a fact I couldn’t be more happy about since I cannot imagine a better way to go back to work than getting to snuggle with this little guy. Most people? In returning from a long trip they dread their inboxes and the stacks of paper on their desk. For me? I get to look forward to cuddling sweet sleepy little newborns. I mean, how lucky am I?

Another fun factor was that Andrea also had an assortment of meaningful props to incorporate — an authentic sheepskin brought from across the world by one of her close friends, a hand-embroidered blanket by a relative, and the cutest little baby yoda ears I have ever seen.

I present to you: newborn Aaric. 21 days old and perfectly perfect.




BABY FEET! Is there anything better?


Kelly - Oh my Obiwan, that baby Yoda hat.March 19, 2014 – 2:58 PM

Paradise, Progress, and Lots of Projects

Phew! What a ride this last month+ has been. Excuse this post for being probably the most random I’ve ever posted; I just feel any update wouldn’t be quite right without covering — at least in part — what I have been up to. At the beginning of February, as I last left off, I  journeyed off to backpack Thailand for a few weeks. And — my oh my — what an adventure it was!


Exploring Lake Cheow Lan, Khao Sok by longboat.

Just a day after returning home I dove right back into several portrait sessions followed by a beautiful wedding at Whitewing Farm and  The Stone Barn on March 1st.


The adorable Carolyn & Eirik, who were blessed with a warm day yet snow still covering the ground: complete perfection.

In addition to all that, I’ve been working tirelessly on some changes for the business I alluded to previously.  While I feel pretty strongly about keeping things under wraps until they’re ready to be revealed to the world, well, you know the excitement is killing me a little overwhelming. So, I have a little sneak peek for you. It’s not much, but… don’t you kind of love him?


In case that wasn’t enough randomness, I am also long overdue in posting my February portrait. I feel a little silly that I didn’t post the whole month of February and here I am posting another portrait, but I am pretty serious about seeing this project through this year — so here it is anyway. Obviously, my month of February was pretty consumed in Thailand-ness, so a portrait of me doing anything else just wouldn’t be right. Plus… how many chances in your life do you get to hold a koala? In case it isn’t obvious, I was pretty psyched.


For more information and a full explanation about the self-portrait project, please see this post.

Wishing you all a very lucky Monday. 😉  xox.

Becki - Very excited for all you do! Gorgeous Thailand pics here and on fb. Continued good luck with the business!March 17, 2014 – 3:20 PM

Dee Fox Nikolaidis - Love this picture. What a wonderful experience !!!
March 24, 2014 – 10:41 AM

January Self-Portrait: It’s Study Time

Oh hey… remember the self-portrait project? No? Refresh yourself on how this works here.

So, January was an interesting month. But ultimately here we are at the beginning of February and it has led to the epitome of procrastination. I am literally a couple days away from leaving for Thailand and up until a few days ago had nothing other than a plane flight there booked. I rationalized this decision because (a) I was uncertain about the trip for a while due to the questionable political circumstances in Thailand, and (b) I like a little flexibility and spontaneity in my vacations. But this? This is insane. So here I am, last week, [yes, still January for those of you keeping track] getting serious about this situation.


For more information and a full explanation about the self-portrait project, please see this post.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Unrelated, those of you who actually clicked on over to my blog (rather than reading this in a reader or mobile device) may have noticed some serious changes going on. I vaguely mentioned on Facebook a couple weeks ago about some major transitions that are about to occur to my business. There are several, actually. Among them, a new all-in-one blog-site in the works. I am so excited.

Unfortunately, because of this transition I am going to be pulling down the “website” version of my online identity (currently hosted at, thus meaning I’ll need to update this blog to become something of a blog-site to last me the next few months until the real deal is ready. By the beginning of March both and should link here. So, please bear with me during the construction phase — I assure you the end result will be worth it.

april - You are too cute. :) I can’t wait to see the new changes!March 6, 2014 – 9:38 AM

Vanessa - Yay! I know it will be nothing less than amazing!March 6, 2014 – 3:10 PM

Philadelphia Maternity Photography: A City Hall Baby Bump

When Ann and Frank contacted me we were brainstorming unique location ideas for a maternity session. You see, in the wintertime, unless you get lucky and get snow, a lot of typically gorgeous locations look — ummmmm — a little bleak. Since they are likely leaving the city in a few months we knew we ideally wanted something with a Philadelphia feel. Ann mentioned that they also love interesting architecture and, BINGO! I knew Philadelphia’s iconic City Hall would be the perfect spot for some dramatic, interesting, and definitely architecturally-feeling images.

So, last weekend we met up in the big beautiful building and voila. Many, many kudos to them in braving the weather. It was about 25 degrees and we were in the shade. That’s dedication. Be impressed.

Enjoy the images! xo.

Also, how about some BABY CONVERSES — hand-knitted by his mom. Seriously, could they be any cuter!?


Tina - Gorgeous session! So beautiful:)January 28, 2014 – 11:50 AM

Aunt Ams & Uncle John - OMG, gorgeous, beautiful, spectacular, unbelievable….you both look so happy…love you allJanuary 28, 2014 – 8:46 PM

MOM - Gorgeous pictures! Absolutely gorgeous! Love the one with the three feet…LOL! Cant decide which one is my favor they are all so good! Great Job!

Love ya, all three!
MOMJanuary 29, 2014 – 8:10 PM

Robert Austin Fitch Photography - What a fantastic series of photographs! The light in the city hall shots is amazing.
Excellent work!March 2, 2016 – 9:01 PM

Philadelphia Newborn Photography: Baby Maya’s Lifestyle Session

Sweet little 4-week-old Maya was born in mid-December, which means she came into this world just before the insanity of the holidays. So, when her parents contacted me over Christmas for some newborn images, I knew Maya would be a little bit older by the time we were able to get her session in. (For the record, in the world of newborn photography, anything over two weeks is considered “older” — just in case you’re scratching your head about that statement.)

Lucky for us, Maya is still tiny and precious as ever. Of course, as 4-week-old newborns are apt to do she was pretty anti-sleep, but she had no problem hamming it up for the camera wide awake, so no complaints here. Then again, who could ever complain about getting to spend an afternoon with this gorgeous face? Thank you, Mira and Ron, for letting me capture such a special time in your lives. Maya is positively perfect.

Enjoy! xo.


Doesn’t she look like she’s laughing here (below on the right)? Love that face!

Mukesh - Cute pictures mayAJanuary 24, 2014 – 11:35 AM

F a c e b o o k