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While most wedding photographers in the north typically spend the greater part of January loafing around in their sweats, I was fortunate enough to land a rare January jam-packed full of weddingy goodness – despite the arctic climate. And my oh my, what wonderful weddings they were too! This means, of course, that I spent the greater part of the month tucked at my little station, far more hours of the day and night than can be healthy, staring at this little (ok, big) ol’ screen of mine. And means, too, that there’s just that much more to share with you, friends. In the meantime, I present…

January: Behind the Glowing Screen

…here’s to getting out more in February. And a healthy number of days curled up reading a book (in bed, in my pajamas) in my near future. Before wedding season, at least!

For more information and a full explanation about the self-portrait project, please seeĀ this post.

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