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With every goal I ever set in life something feels more right about starting it with the beginning. A new month. A new week. A new day. Whatever the case may be, something about a new year just feels so much like a fresh start. Last year, I spoke a little about my thoughts on resolutions. And, I also bombed on mine. Big time. I did not forget about them or cast them aside, but found that life’s little unexpected surprises meant that other goals – goals that I didn’t even realize I might have last January 1st – would shift and take their place. I will say, however, that despite how thankful I am for 2012 and where it brought me, I still have that twinge of feeling a little bit like a failure. And, of course, there’s a someecard appropriate for pretty much every emotion you feel in life, yes?

While I am still working on tweaking just what I plan my priorities to be for this year, I am still reflecting on what a wonderful year 2012 really was. I was fortunate enough to work with so many amazing people – and gain so many incredible friends in the process. And with that, I simply cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store. Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderfully spectacular new year. Happy 2013, friends!

Becki - Failure schmailer. YOU ROCK. And you’re right: life has a way of changing our plans, however well-meaned. We can only be our best selves given our circumstances, and lady, you’re a winner in the “overall” category!January 17, 2013 – 6:03 PM

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