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Being the rebel that I am, I opted not to blog about Valentines on Valentine’s Day, like the rest of the blogging community. But, like previous holidays, I can’t resist mentioning it, even if I’m a few days late.

Firstly, let’s start with this. Cutest card ever?

I think so. Being a Philadelphian, I can’t resist a little pretzel humor.
Etsy shop: Hello Small World. Card found here.

For Valentine’s, the husband and I gifted one another a short little vacation away, which we proudly took last weekend. And which I proudly didn’t even bring my SLR. That’s right folks, I actually left home without my camera. Of course I felt totally guilty about it, but didn’t miss lightening the load for the weekend. And I’m pretty proud of my little point-and-shoot. All images taken with my Canon G12.

Never get tired of this skyline.

Our favorite Italian meal in Little Italy. I’ve had it every time I’ve been to NYC, except for one.

My favorite little lady on the left, right where my husband proposed in Central Park.
And me on the right, thoroughly enjoying my Italian.

So, for the actual day itself, there was no real gift exchange. But my husband did bring me home a big bouquet of roses and, when cooking my requested meal, cheeseburgers (yes, I’m easy to please), he even made mine into a heart. For him? I couldn’t resist sneaking him this little book:

Image taken with Canon G12.

Which, though he is usually explaining the inappropriate meaning behind the lyrics I’m singing along to to me, it was still a hit. After all with gems like these, how could it not be:

Phrase: “Bag full of chips – we ain’t talking Ruffles.” (Throw it in the Bag by Fabolous)

Explanation: I have a bag that contains a large amount of paper money that I am describing by using a term that stems from the circular disks casinos use as in-house currency, clarifying that it is not a particular brand of thin crinkle-cut potato slices that you may have thought I was referring to.

I mean, really, even if you’ve barely ever heard rap in your life, you have to admit that’s pretty funny. And it’s really unbelievable just how brilliant some of the rap metaphors used really are.

But, moving on, I also tried to earn extra credit by breaking my kitchen abstinence and baking up our house favorite as far as desserts go…. red velvet cake pops. I didn’t take a picture, but let’s just pretend they looked like this:

Image from Bakerella. Recipe found here.

Go on, be jealous. What about you? Did you do anything fun or totally cliche for Valentine’s?

Tina - Aaaand now my mouth is watering because you mentioned red velvet cake pops. YUM. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day! I never knew he proposed in NYC, I need the full story on Tuesday:)February 17, 2012 – 8:59 AM

Jennifer @EsqEvents - Love the chevron dress :-)February 18, 2012 – 10:01 AM

Nicole - Ha! love it all :) yes, my cake pops looked ohh not so nice… but they did taste good :) I was very proud of my marshmellow pops though…. :) LOVE that rap book too!February 19, 2012 – 10:34 AM

Krystal - What’s the fav italian dish and place?February 6, 2013 – 11:24 AM

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