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I had approximately ten different posts I wanted to write today. But, I decided that leaving you with a wedding full of love to enjoy for your VALENTINE’S DAY seemed probably the most appropriate and probably the most universally appreciated considering all the babbling about randomness I’ve been doing lately. So, let’s talk about Dayana and Adam instead.

When I first met with Dayana and Adam, I knew almost instantly that they were going to be the easiest couple in the world to work with. They were one of those rare couples that barely asked any questions just said “how do we book!?” And, Dayana, with her sweet smile, was so excited at our first meeting that she was having trouble even putting her ideas into words (seriously, this girl is so sweet).

Add all that to the fact that it was going to be Mark and his team from Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants coordinating this one and I was super pumped. And, on one warm, cloudy May day, Dayana & Adam were married ON A DOCK with a gorgeous lakeside ceremony.

Here are just a few favorites. I tried to narrow it down this time. Honestly, I really did.

Adam helping their adorable little son get ready. And, how cute are those shoes!?

The image on the right is him peeking in on his momma as she gets ready. FAVORITE.

Dayana got a little emotional when she went to sign the ketuba, which was so sweet.

And then a few ceremony favorites!

…and then on to portraits. My favorite part of the day!

One of my favorite moments ever… the moment of the almost kiss.

And then the reception. Seriously, how gorgeous is this house?

Maybe my favorite bouquet toss ever. Brides, this is how you do it.

A huge, huge thank you to Mark and the team from Queen of Hearts for their wonderful hard work, as always.

So does this have you angsting for Spring weather or what? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally enjoying what little snow we’ve had, but that lake looks miiiiiiighty nice right about now.

Mark Kingsdorf, MBC - Thanks! LOVED working with you …the images are AMAZING.

Happy Valentine’s DayFebruary 14, 2012 – 9:30 PM

Marissa, Foldable shoes - Wow! great photos! love them! such a romantic weddingFebruary 23, 2012 – 10:47 PM

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