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Firstly, a huge thank you to Brenda from Brenda’s Wedding Blog and Best Wedding Sites for publishing our Valentine’s shoot. Remember this one? You can see her post here. And, it was just recently featured in the first volume of the Best Wedding Sites magazine too! See the full spread here.

And, of course, while you’re there be sure to check out the whole magazine and its gorgeous punches of red and pink hues.

But a little before that, I was given the amazing news that I made BrideTide’s Top 100 list of wedding blogs to follow in 2011. Ummmm, seriously? I’ve made the list in previous years, but I never, ever expected to make it again this year. It is a huge honor to be listed among so many other fabulously inspirational blogs. Thank you thank you thank you, BrideTide. You’re too kind!

And last, but certainly not least… last week I received a Google Alert in my inbox. (For those of you wondering, here’s an explanation about Google Alerts.) And, it was such an alert that seriously left me looking a little like this:

Well, except for the whole crawling on the floor part. I’m not really into that. But, what was the alert? The fabulous OneWed Blog nominated me as one of sixteen for Best Blog by an Industry Expert. Again, ummmmm, what!? Seriously, SWOONOVERIT is listed alongside the likes of 100 Layer Cake, Southern Weddings, and The Bridal Bar.

I’m not sure what technical glitch occurred that would cause them to miss something like this. But with that said, when you are finished scratching your head in confusion (I still am), if you could head over there and vote for me, it would be much appreciated. Rest assured, I will not be plugging for your votes for days or campaigning around about it – this one is far too out of my league. Really, I am just so, so honored to be listed among people (and blogs) that I love and respect so much.

At this point, I just don’t want the tally to come up “0” for me when they publish the results at the end. So, ermmm, can you help me with that? Heck, you’re talking about the person who, in high school, ran for president and then voted for someone else. Who does that!?

Edited to add: For those of you wondering – no, I am not a wedding planner though the text on their site states it. I am sure they just got the information from my past history [where, yes, I did wedding planning]. So clients, no, I will not be coordinating your wedding but I am pretty capable at timelines and pinning boutonnieres… you know, should the need arise. 😉

Psst – I’m finishing this up right now. Tell me you don’t love her in all of her Anthropologie-esqueness. Seriously, they’re adorable, no?


Erica - Voted! And congrats! So cool to others appreciating you as much as I do 😉February 28, 2011 – 12:47 PM

Sabina - Congratulations for making it to top 100 wedding blogMarch 8, 2011 – 1:27 PM

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